reference songs for audio testing

ok so I guess forget using a bluetooth speaker in any configuration on my desktop.

what a world of difference back-to-back comparison makes. each step sounded glorious, then horrendous in comparison to the next step up.

  • Jambox Big Box 3/10 - packs bass, highs too distinct
  • Edifier R19U 7/10 - less bass, more accurate, better definition, freaks out on very highs
  • Sennheiser PC363D 9/10 - strong resounding bass, much more detail

Reference songs
  • Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away
    • bass deepness
    • highhat annoyingness
  • Detroit Grand Pubahs - Weed in the Kitchen
    • very hard contrast bass/highhat (0-27s)
    • transition into smooth rolling bass, highclap (27s-)
  • conclusion: i really like bass and highhat

Jambox Big Box (circa ~2015)
  • Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away
    • warbly bass, shakes whole unit
    • highhat disturbingly loud, hard to hear anything else

Edifier R19U
  • Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away
    • distinct bass, can hear drums, doesn't take over
    • highhat barely noticable, blends into background
  • Detroit Grand Pubahs - Weed in the Kitchen
    • highat sounds horrible like flicking cards
    • can barely hear the bass

Sennheiser PC363D 3D G4ME1
  • Peaches - Fuck the Pain Away
    • dense rich deep bass
    • highhat blends in well, allows additional detail through
  • Detroit Grand Pubahs - Weed in the Kitchen
    • full highclap, deep bass, flicking subdued but still there (weird song)
    • transition satisfying, packs punch, highclap adds to it

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