reviewing services/products I currently use, with an eye on a few possible improvements:
  1. security
    • do I want to be safer from malicious attacks like viruses, backdoors, etc.
  2. anonymity
    • do I want to increase my privacy?
  3. self-reliance
    • do I want to depend on others? especially questionable companies/products
    • can I self-host instead?
    • what's the tradeoff? likely less reliability
  4. functionality
    • can I move to something that offers more features?
  5. cost
    • can I lower costs overall?
    • often a tradeoff between cost and functionality
list of services
  1. media streaming: plex/emby/nextcloud?
  2. cloud hosting: pCloud
  3. RSS reader: no need
  4. bookmark/link saver/notes: shaarli "self"-hosted on gcloud free tier
  5. operating system: clear Linux & win10
  6. mobile device: moto g7 power
  7. email hosting: mxroute
  8. blog hosting: blogger
  9. domain registrar: namecheap
  10. password store: LastPass (move to keepass?)
  11. online backup: need? backblaze?
update 2dec19: went with pCloud lifetime membership for $503.39 ($334.12 for 2 TB and $169.27 for end-to-end encryption). breakeven with $CAD8/month comparable with sync.com at 5yrs3months.

update 1Jan20: went with mxroute lifetime membership for USD$99 or $CAD128.80. breakeven with USD$1/month at 8yrs3months.

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