Second cold war

Optimism about coaxing China into adopting Western values, simply by welcoming it on the world stage, has been refuted

"Previous administrations made a cosmic bet. They wagered that integrating China into the US-led international order would lead it to develop a normal free market economy, democracy, the rule of law guaranteeing human rights, and acceptance of its place as a “responsible stakeholder”. They lost that bet — and the Trump administration is left to deal with the consequences.

"A high-level Chinese official told me this week that his country is “flummoxed” by the Pence speech. The possibility of a new cold war has sent Chinese strategists back to reading the ancient Greek historian Thucydides. He argued the origins of the Peloponnesian war lay in the “fear” the rise of Athens instilled in nearby Sparta."


"whereas in the past, when only a few conservatives warned of U.S. attempts to “contain” China, virtually everyone in China now buys into this narrative, including a growing number of young people..."


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