lightweight Linux screenshot tool

want to move away from the gnome-screenshot command line since it seems you can't disable the shutter audio and flash.

looked at 4 programs:
xwd: last commit 3 years ago
escrotum: help wanted 2 years ago
maim seems promising. last commit 3 months ago. doesn't depend on scrot.
gscreenshot is the most active, 11 days ago. though it depends on scrot or Imlib2.

UPDATE 27-Dec-19: using maim, installed decently well (think i still had to add some libraries), now works very smoothly and simply. runscreen.sh:
 watch -n 10 "maim screenshot.png; gcloud compute scp screenshot.png instance-2:/var/www/mihaicosma.com"
still using gnome-screenshot for ad hoc region screengrabs (no shutter on region grab!)

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