I decided I'm going to start collecting hats

Everybody likes hats. Hats keep your head warm while making you look good. Hats are silly. Hats are funny. And I'm going to need them once I go bald.

Right now I have one hat I like. But boy is it a collector's item. Most people don't even know where its from. I've had it for a month or two now and I'm still waiting for the day when someone recognizes where its from. I will feel so cool on that day.

I'd like for my next hat to be a very large and very Mexican sombrero. My heart has been set on this one ever since I worked all summer in the sun and ended up looking like a hot Mexican farmer. Sure could have used it on one of the many siestas I took on that job. I'm getting my Mexican contact to work on this one right away.

After that, the sky's the limit. Texan Stetson, British Bowler? All good choices, but right now I'm leaning toward tracking down a high quality Moroccan Fez. As pictured, the ladies would not be able to resist.

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